Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First full day in Lucknow!

July 15, 2010

Today I woke up at around 8 am and had maggi (Indian noddles) for breakfast with some samosas. Then, me and Shilpi Ji went out to visit the Bara Imambara. The weather outside was really hot when we got there and the area tour involved climbing a bunch of stairs. I didn't feel like climbing and being drenched in sweat, and Shilpi Ji was pretty adamant about not paying the foreigner price of 300 Rs to get me into this fort like structure; thus we just snapped some outside pictures and carried on. Our next destination was the mall because as fate's humor would have it, rain began pouring as soon as we left the Bara Imambara. We decided to get tickets for the film milenge milenge and window shop around until the movie started in a little more than an hour. I bought the tickets for all three of us. Who was the third companion you may be ask. Well, it was me, Shilpi Ji, and none other than our driver.  Shilpi Ji got so disgruntled over the fact that I would buy our driver a ticket to the the movie; but he wanted to see it and he was a nice guy, so why not? Me and Shilpi Ji went into a few shops to browse. The only noteworthy experience here is that we walked into this Macy's look alike shop called “Shopper's Stop”  with all these name brand accessories; for such a nice, sophisticated place the store name did it no justice. We walked in and my foreign face attracted immediate attention. Before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair and a Revlon representative was giving me a total face make over with shades that nobody could deny were too bright for me. She kept calling such shades natural and saying they would make me more fair. Uh...I'm black!!! Even if I bleached my skin I could never be “fair”. I'll always have that brown hue in me =] But yea, she had me wearing shades of foundation and blush that you would find in Scarlet Johansson's make up bag. Then she put on this ridiculously red shade of lip stick + gloss on my lips. I never, I repeat never, wear red shades of lipsticks, because I know I just can't pull it off. I have a baby face with no make up on and an older lady's face with make up on; so I try to conjure up a sweet in between by just applying eye makeup. All I really wanted to try on was the mascara, eyeliner, and the shimmering blue eyeshadow. Instead the lady made me up to be a pale ghostly black person with some extra bright lips. I looked like Chucky's bride for crying out loud!!!! Or like, if you seen Mulan, that part where she's getting ready to meet the matchmaker and her face is all white and made up, like that but more clownish and not as pretty. It was a disaster. And the entire time the lady was smiling from ear to ear like she was doing the most amazing job ever. See, what I don't understand is how come, in a country with people darker than me, the Revlon make up line doesn't have shades for darker people? So annoying. Anyway, because I know what works for me and what doesn't, I knew I was looking a hot mess but I didn't want to wipe off all the make up while in the store. They showed me the finished product, as predicted, I screamed LOL then tried to hide my face from people shopping in the store. They then proceeded to trying to sell me everything they used on my face, and like a fool, I said yes to practically everything. I felt I ought to buy something considering this lady spent some time really trying to “pretty me up”. All the stuff I dumbly nodded my head "yes" to, came out to being around 7650 Rs. Okay, that's about $174!!!! I don't even spend that much on cosmetics in the states. Not to mention, half those things weren't even my shade!!! Ahh!!! So, luckily we had to catch our movie that had already commenced. Shilpi Ji told them that I did not intend to but all those things and that after the movie we would come back to figure out what exactly I intended to purchase. They said okay, they'll hold everything at that particular counter. Hahaha...I bet you can just guess what happened. As an Indian and Black pair, we made the obvious choice of not coming back lol.

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