Sunday, March 27, 2011

Part Of The Team!

Hey Coach,

I wanted to let you know, that I just want to be part of the team. I trust your calls and plays. I know that you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future. You want me to succeed and keep improving, going from one level to the next. With that in mind, whatever your assignment is for me Coach, I'm prepared to do it. I don't have to be this or that. I don't have to lead this play, or be a starter in that one. Whatever you've assigned, specifically with me in mind, that's what I've decided to do. So yea Coach, I just want to be part of the team. Together, we make an undefeatable opponent.  If we all follow your plans for us, then we'll  always walk in victory, since you're the great play maker. You had a secret weapon stored away before the foundation of the Earth; so when it seemed all was lost, you had Him come out to the field and sacrifice His life to secure our victory forever! How can I not serve under a Coach like you! So Coach, I have decided to take my eyes off of other people's assignments in the play book and just focus on what you have assigned for me to accomplish. I know that no matter the task, even If considered small by some, (only to those who can't see the big picture. I would never think in such a manner Coach, because I know you well enough to know that no team work is ever insignificant or small in your eyes), If completed will gain me a huge hug, a smile and the words, "well done, my good and faithful ." Honestly Coach, that's all I'm after anyways -your approval. You love me sooooooooo much, so I want to make you beam with pride while you watch me play =]; then when my play is over,  run off the field, and into your arms so you can shower me with your love.

So as I continue to draw close to you and fulfill my assignment, I know that in doing so, you'll be the most proud of me! 

Your key player,


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 2: Spring break


"No one else can love you like I love you Lord, cause I was made UNIQUE in your heart. I was made to bring you joy. Now I have a purpose, now I have destiny. You made me for your Glory!" - Laura  Hackett

Monday, March 21, 2011

Paul: Bible Superstar 1

Paul has been stamped a bible 

Paul was SOMETHING ELSE!!! He is like the true definition of a God man (well, aside from Jesus. Jesus was the first of this world-overcoming league of people! )   Wow. I love reading his letters to the churches and about his adventures. You realize, he got all his revelation directly through meditation upon the Word by the SPIRIT. And his revelations are so deep, there's no doubt only God could have told him what he knew and wrote about. He was confident in this and he even told the Galatians church, if any man preach you a different Gospel, let him be a accursed. God wasn't limited in Him. God moved from his spirit, to his mind, and then even got his body and senses!!!! The clothes he wore healed the sick, and he was able to perceive faith and other stuff on people...That's AWESOME! He was souled out spiritually, mentally, and physically. He always spoke from a position of authority and he had some crazy confidence in and towards God. He literally laid down his life (his old nature, who he used to be before salvation) and put on the Lord Jesus making no provisions for his flesh, or that old nature, by meditating upon it. God took over Paul's life! He was an extension of HIM!!! 

You realize that Paul even left this world like a true G? He, like Jesus, offered up His life; no one took if from him. The devil couldn't kill Him. He tells Timothy that he has,"  fought the good fight, finished the race, and  kept the faith" and that he was, "now ready to be offered," and knew, "the time of his departure was at hand". He accomplished what he was destined to; and only then could he allow himself to be killed. Shabba! This is just exciting!!! This is what we're called to... the prize of the High calling of God in Christ Jesus! Not everybody is going to go for it, but I sure am!!!! I'm going to get to that point where I am daily living my life by the faith of the Son of God. I want that confidence and I wont stop until I get there! You can never reach a ceiling  in God. When you stop wanting more of Him, you need to check yourself. There are no limits. You just have to keep going from glory to glory and faith to faith. Paul is definitely a bible superstar to me. =]

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Fall class HELP!!!

For those of you that chose Indian regional language or Other language, please leave a comment and specify which one of the listed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The gift of a smile
"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." -Mother Theresa


Love this song! From: Jodhaa Akbar

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hope of Glory

I press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I want above all, the intimacy involved in this call. I set before my mind the hope of glory; one day, my body will be glorified and I shall be completely like Him. But until that day, I, with  an unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, am being transformed into the same image from glory to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord dwelling within me. I am determined to live heaven on earth!!! =]

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dancing in Rajasthan

Random video I messily put together to showcase some fun dancing I saw in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh=]

Hey you guys, I plan to visit a lot of places in my life so I decided to start a "Travels" label in my blog. During every out of the country trip I make, I'll cover some aspects of the trip in my blog.

Last summer I took a trip to India; specifically to the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. In Rajasthan I stayed in Jaipur and in Uttar Pradesh I visited Lucknow. I had loads of fun and I'm already planning on going back. During my trip I hadn't started a blog yet, but I did write some things down. If Interested, those things can be read by clicking the below links:
Now, I'm just going to write a quick reflection on my trip to India.

Prices in India:

Most things you can bargain for! 30 Rs is enough for about 3 kilometers in a rickshaw (You can get it down more if you're good). Biscuits and chips are always around 10-20 Rs. Everyday informal saris are around 500-600 Rs and less; anything more than that had better have more embroidery and be a bit fancy. Water in a big Dasani bottle was 15Rs. Flight to Lucknow was 7, 450 Rs. You'll catch on quick. (Note: I sound  matter-of-fact writing this, but in actuality, I paid a lot more for  things then I should have. I chose to do so though, because a lot of people live below the poverty line in India and they don't make much money being a driver or running a small shop. It just felt good helping out in a small way. I made sure though that the people knew I wasn't ignorant about the real prices. I didn't want them to think I was just another ignorant foreigner)

The food was delicious!!! We were always served a thali with traditional Rajasthani dishes. I found it odd at first that lunch and dinner was always served with  yogurt. After awhile though, I became dependent on the yogurt! It wonderfully balances out the masala of the food. My all time favorite foods while in Jaipur were: samosas, paneer , spicy aloo, and  pakoras!!!  I miss it already =[. I also miss eating with my hand. I was eating with a spoon one time and an Aunty Ji came up to me and was like, "No, no, no! That is not how you eat it." She showed me proper technique. Basically all you have to do is break off a pieces of w/e flour based substance is served at the meal (naan, roti, paratha, etc) and use that to scoop up whatever you wish to put in your mouth. Yum! I think it made eating  much more fun lol.

Picture break (These pics I took with my phone. I took better pics with my camera but I lost the sims card):


I remember my first day out on the Indian streets I was overwhelmed by the colors of India; especially of Jaipur. Women are always draped in the most vibrant colors . Regardless of how poor, every women in Rajasthan owned a sari and I must say that even the most simple ones could look royal when worn by a hindustani woman. The women of jaipur popped admirably in their colorful attires. The younger women could often be seen wearing jeans and a kameez; or a full salwar-kameez ensemble. I preferred myself to just stick to wearing a kameez with tights underneath. I found that the most comfortable. Sometimes I would also sport my jeans. It all depended.  I hated wearing my dupatta because it kept falling off my shoulder and making me look ridiculous when I had to fight to keep it up. Bangles were fun to wear, and I pretty much bought new articles of jewelry everyday.

People and attention;

Boy did I get A LOT of attention! Sometimes I felt like I was honestly the only black person in India. In the states we are taught early on that it is impolite to stare so you can just imagine how uncomfortable I was for the first few days when I was faced with some of the most unfaltering stares. These people, despite your discomfort, do not look away!!! I got over it pretty quickly though. It got to the point where I could actually consider the stares and attention as pretty humorous. I felt like a Bollywood actress having to be weary of paparazzi. The use of the word paparazzi was quite appropriate to my situtation. Wherever I went, people would take candid shots of me without asking my permission. Like seriously?!?! But once I got over all that I started having a more enjoyable time. Every time I went out to wander, I made it a goal to meet new people and speak Hindi with them. I did grow weary of some, but over all, everyone was so friendly and welcoming towards me =]


Once I got used to the stares,  and the heat, India was quite pleasant. I loved the calls of the sabzivala (vegetable seller) that woke me up early in the morning. I loved how the cows just roam the street. I loved the monsoon rains! (I was there during  monsoon season so the heat was often cooled by the rain  ). I loved how when you missed being "western" you could hit up the mall with the Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds, and movie theater.  I also loved going around and speaking my hinglish. It was fun. Sigh, yea...I miss it. I'm already planning for a trip back in maybe a year or two. I'm most likely going back to Jaipur because I loved it there. I dunno. But wherever I go Mera dil hindustani hai =]; I consider myself black and Indian! What is that? Blindian? Perfect! Oh, I was asked if I was indian once too!!! I was so flattered! It was because my hindi was coming out pretty good in a conversation with that person! 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beckon of Heaven

No limits! ~Endless possibilities~

"Run Faster, Fly Higher, Sing Louder, Go deeper! A Heavenly Invitation" - Gladys Ihekwoaba 

Random Interviews segments

I'm going to start a random interview segment for my blog. It'll be fun!!! I'll just randomly interview different people in my life with very silly questions! Look forward to that!

Jaipur inspired

I need more India clothes!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"Be the change you want to see in the World" -Mahatma Gandhi

Just my luck- A birthday disaster!

Plan for my wonderful birthday:

1. successfully finish my all nighter.
2. Dress up in my JC Penny's summer dress and add a colorful splash of make-up to look too cute!
3. Take my bio exam and do well on it.
4. Chill on campus a bit to show off my cuteness =] lol (It's not everyday I dress up. Trust!)
5. Go home and celebrate with the family
6. Put on pajamas, curl-up in my bed, eat ice cream, and watch Our Mutual friend (a period drama! Love them!!!)

What actually happened:

After studying for 18 hrs straight, with a few random dance breaks in between =], I started feeling signs of a headache, so I decided to take a little nap. Here's where my story turns for the worst lol. You guessed it!!! I woke up 30 mins before the test! "little nap", HA!!!! See, I should of known myself better than that. Smh. When I'm tired, I don't do that fall in and out of sleep thing, nor am I a very light sleeper. Shoot. When I'm tired I sleep!!! Must of been only God who woke me up!

Now waking up 30 mins before a test doesn't seem like such a big deal to some of you; considering you probably live on campus, but for me, that was the worst thing imaginable!!! I live pretty much, 25 MINS AWAY FROM CAMPUS! I got up in a panic, threw on whatever was lying around ( I decided against the dress because I didn't have enough time to make sure I looked good in it), and rushed downstairs to the relief of my mother ready to give me a ride. My mom drove around 75 mph on I-35 and managed to get me on campus exactly when the test was to begin. Sounds not so bad, right? Wrong!!! I had no clue whatsoever which building or room number the test was going to be held in, so I had to go to the Jester computer lab to look it up real quick. Turns out the test was in Burdine Hall, which is pretty much on the other side of campus. To make a depressing story short, I made it to the test about 25 mins late! =[

The story doesn't end here. I only wish that were the case. So I took the test. I rushed through all the problems and managed to answer them all. Whether I got them right or wrong is another story. After the test I figured the rest of my day couldn't be much worst. Uhh....not with my luck. I didn't have time before leaving the house to pay proper attention to my face or anything else for that matter, so I knew I was looking a HOT MESS! I decided to head to the nearest bathroom for damage control. this you wouldn't believe. This part is good you guys. It turned out: I HAD BEEN WEARING MY SHIRT INSIDE OUT WITH THE WHITE TAG FLAPPING IN FRONT THE WHOLE TIME!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! LIKE I COULDN'T TAKE A SECOND TO LOOK DOWN!

MAN!!! I had been at UT for a good 3 hours before I made my horrible shirt discovery!!!! What I wanna know, is WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME!!!!!!

UGH! But then again, it's just my luck

My Birthday tribute =]

Wrote this last year and posted it as one of my facebook notes. I really like this though, so I'm reposting it in my blog as a tribute to me turning 20! Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to me!!! =]

Just a thought

Life is so fleeting and subtle. With every new year one is left exclaiming, "Wow! When did I get so old?" Only a fool would try to grasp life with an iron hand. I'm not sayin one should grow weary of it, but what I am saying is: it is appointed once for a man to live and then die. So then what? Is it worth it to gain the world and yet lose your soul; to store up earthly treasures only to one day be forced from them, or watch them deplete away? I have thus conluded that one should live to love. For although life comes and goes, love is everlasting; and although many have lived, only a few have learned to love. The second greatest commandment mind you, after loving the Lord with all your heart, is to love your neighbor as yourself. People have made this saying mundane and ordinary when in fact such a feat is quite extraordinary! And for those of you who don't understand why, the perfect definition of love can be found in: 1 Corinthians 13:4.  Because we have one shot at life, I would say we should live it to the fullest and blah blah blah, but we've all heard that before. Instead I will suggest we spend it glorifying God; for whatever brings glory to God is always in essence both true and pure; love being the purest of things, and truth being eternal =]

Not even funny!

Tell me why you guys I got a library fine for $28? What in the world?!?!?!?! Okay, so what had happened was I loaned out the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy that I checked out from the library to my aunt because she told me she'd never read them and was really wanting to. I myself did the sacrificial thing of letting her hold the books first before rechecking them out so I could read them. I specifically told her she had 2 weeks to get as far as she could then she'd have to hand them back. Umm... on my part I forgot about the books after this lol. So a month or so later, I get a called from the library reminding me of the books and the fine. I hang up with the librarian shocked and immediately call my aunt.

Me: Oh MY GOODNESS, I need those books back now
Aunt: What books?
Me: The books I gave you like three months ago!!! I already have a $28 fine! That's more than I spend a month!!!
Aunt: (Sincerely) I don't know what you are talking about?
Me: Lord of the Rings, Aunt!!!!!!!
Aunt: Ohhhhhh....I gave those books to Claudia. She hasn't read them yet.
Me: Ok, well could you please get those books back ASAP?
Aunt: Sorry dear, Claudia will be in Dallas for 2 weeks. She has a business trip.

Yup. And that is how my story ends! So now I'm going to have to wait for 2 weeks until Claudia (who btw I don't even know) gets back from Dallas. The fine will come to maybe around $40. My Aunt hasn't even offered to pay a cent yet! Guess I'm gonna be broke for a while there. =[

Moral of the story: Never loan things out to people!!! Especially if they black!!! SMH!

But then again, it's just my luck.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Salvation and beyond

Jesus didn't redeem you just so you could go to heaven! No. Salvation is just the beginning. You must then grow into 
discipleship; becoming like the master (Christ) and doing works even greater than him - John 14:12

Bold declaration!

"   I'm not just a follower, for that is just one aspect of being Christian. I follow His example but as a person who has Christ dwelling in them, I am a doer of His will, meaning I have the power of the Greater one inside of me to change the atmosphere and command the situation to change until it is ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN"      - Jaionn Griner


"  Life is way too short to spend it in hate. Why leave a legacy behind that could so easily be forgotten or despised. Be productive, and utilize your gifts and talents to make a positive contribution to our world. You must realize that when you're gone, you are leaving your love ones in a world that you had a part in creating, whether by apathy or involvement"-  Linda


"  "Whatever the belief or cause, prepare yourself to be a martyr. If you don't have enough conviction to risk, you have no right to defend."    -  Linda Unique

Week 1: About me (In hindi)

Press play and give it a sec to load:

Period Dramas


The British, I dare say, have been enjoying for much too long a delicacy we Americans have yet  had the privilege to discover. Therefore in this post I wish to bring to light the delicacy of fine television. BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) has made adaptations of many a fine movies based off of novels from only the greatest authors that have ever lived. These period dramas truly capture the decor of the times; from language, to manners, to even the outlandish outfits worn by ladies and gentlemen of that period. The propriety of the times bring to screen beautiful love stories that are not superficial nor spoilt by the worldliness so common in Hollywood. Often, the heroines of these movies go against pressures from society and family to marry for estate and privelleges; and rather in the end marry for love. Although life doesn't always work out in such a manner, they're rewarded in their choice by having the one they love by their side; and a comfortable if not extravagant living. If you are more into drama than romance, trust me, these movies do not disappoint. They have well developed plots and subplots; governed by one or a group of people with an ill will.

The Youtube clip above is the first part of the BBC adaptation of  Wives and Daughters written by Elizabeth Gaskell. I promise you'll LOVE it! I do believe I cried, I laughed, I yelled; I expressed all these emotions while watching this movie. Then again, I am a big baby...but I do know my movies!!!

After watching this, if you like this genre of period dramas, I suggest you watch all the BBC adaptations of Jane Austen's novels (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, etc...), Charles Dicken's novels, Elizabeth Gaskell's novels, Louisa May Alcott's novels, George Elliot's novels, and many more adaptations from novels written in the late 1800's and 1900's. 


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