Monday, March 21, 2011

Paul: Bible Superstar 1

Paul has been stamped a bible 

Paul was SOMETHING ELSE!!! He is like the true definition of a God man (well, aside from Jesus. Jesus was the first of this world-overcoming league of people! )   Wow. I love reading his letters to the churches and about his adventures. You realize, he got all his revelation directly through meditation upon the Word by the SPIRIT. And his revelations are so deep, there's no doubt only God could have told him what he knew and wrote about. He was confident in this and he even told the Galatians church, if any man preach you a different Gospel, let him be a accursed. God wasn't limited in Him. God moved from his spirit, to his mind, and then even got his body and senses!!!! The clothes he wore healed the sick, and he was able to perceive faith and other stuff on people...That's AWESOME! He was souled out spiritually, mentally, and physically. He always spoke from a position of authority and he had some crazy confidence in and towards God. He literally laid down his life (his old nature, who he used to be before salvation) and put on the Lord Jesus making no provisions for his flesh, or that old nature, by meditating upon it. God took over Paul's life! He was an extension of HIM!!! 

You realize that Paul even left this world like a true G? He, like Jesus, offered up His life; no one took if from him. The devil couldn't kill Him. He tells Timothy that he has,"  fought the good fight, finished the race, and  kept the faith" and that he was, "now ready to be offered," and knew, "the time of his departure was at hand". He accomplished what he was destined to; and only then could he allow himself to be killed. Shabba! This is just exciting!!! This is what we're called to... the prize of the High calling of God in Christ Jesus! Not everybody is going to go for it, but I sure am!!!! I'm going to get to that point where I am daily living my life by the faith of the Son of God. I want that confidence and I wont stop until I get there! You can never reach a ceiling  in God. When you stop wanting more of Him, you need to check yourself. There are no limits. You just have to keep going from glory to glory and faith to faith. Paul is definitely a bible superstar to me. =]

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