Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just my luck- A birthday disaster!

Plan for my wonderful birthday:

1. successfully finish my all nighter.
2. Dress up in my JC Penny's summer dress and add a colorful splash of make-up to look too cute!
3. Take my bio exam and do well on it.
4. Chill on campus a bit to show off my cuteness =] lol (It's not everyday I dress up. Trust!)
5. Go home and celebrate with the family
6. Put on pajamas, curl-up in my bed, eat ice cream, and watch Our Mutual friend (a period drama! Love them!!!)

What actually happened:

After studying for 18 hrs straight, with a few random dance breaks in between =], I started feeling signs of a headache, so I decided to take a little nap. Here's where my story turns for the worst lol. You guessed it!!! I woke up 30 mins before the test! "little nap", HA!!!! See, I should of known myself better than that. Smh. When I'm tired, I don't do that fall in and out of sleep thing, nor am I a very light sleeper. Shoot. When I'm tired I sleep!!! Must of been only God who woke me up!

Now waking up 30 mins before a test doesn't seem like such a big deal to some of you; considering you probably live on campus, but for me, that was the worst thing imaginable!!! I live pretty much, 25 MINS AWAY FROM CAMPUS! I got up in a panic, threw on whatever was lying around ( I decided against the dress because I didn't have enough time to make sure I looked good in it), and rushed downstairs to the relief of my mother ready to give me a ride. My mom drove around 75 mph on I-35 and managed to get me on campus exactly when the test was to begin. Sounds not so bad, right? Wrong!!! I had no clue whatsoever which building or room number the test was going to be held in, so I had to go to the Jester computer lab to look it up real quick. Turns out the test was in Burdine Hall, which is pretty much on the other side of campus. To make a depressing story short, I made it to the test about 25 mins late! =[

The story doesn't end here. I only wish that were the case. So I took the test. I rushed through all the problems and managed to answer them all. Whether I got them right or wrong is another story. After the test I figured the rest of my day couldn't be much worst. Uhh....not with my luck. I didn't have time before leaving the house to pay proper attention to my face or anything else for that matter, so I knew I was looking a HOT MESS! I decided to head to the nearest bathroom for damage control. Hahahaha....now this you wouldn't believe. This part is good you guys. It turned out: I HAD BEEN WEARING MY SHIRT INSIDE OUT WITH THE WHITE TAG FLAPPING IN FRONT THE WHOLE TIME!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! LIKE I COULDN'T TAKE A SECOND TO LOOK DOWN!

MAN!!! I had been at UT for a good 3 hours before I made my horrible shirt discovery!!!! What I wanna know, is WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME!!!!!!

UGH! But then again, it's just my luck

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